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Auto Lease Transfer Fraud
Ball Joint Failures
Banking/ATM Excessive Fees
Defective Factory Brakes
Defective Trailer Tires

Health Insurance Fraud
Internet Billing Fraud
Maintenance Deception
Mortgage Loan Scams
On-Line Auction Fraud

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Class Action Lawsuits

NOTICE TO PLAINTIFFS: is your portal to achieve justice for existing and potential class action lawsuits. If you feel you’ve been harmed by a product, a company, an investment or other source – and there are many others like you – will link you to the most talented attorneys in America who will fight for just compensation. Such matters are time sensitive.

Class action cases are made up of multiple plaintiffs who all have been harmed by the same product, company, investment, or other source. If you are the only injured/damaged party, you may be the victim of a personal injury tort and should submit your case through - Click here.


Please review the Class Action categories below and click the “Submit” button to obtain an analysis of your potential participation in a Class Action lawsuit. You can also review some specific potential cases by clicking on the banner tiles to the left and right.


If you know of any situation where a group of people, not necessarily including yourself, have been subjected to a tort [a civil wrong, such as price fixing, overcharging, defective products, etc.