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Internet Billing Fraud

Internet billing fraud could be cause for class action lawsuit

Consumers have reported making on-line purchases from one company and later being billed by another company for services or products that were not authorized. It appears that the two companies may be exchanging credit card information.

If you are a consumer and you feel you have been subjected to illegal or questionable on-line billing practices, you may qualify as a participant in possible future legal action against this company.

Consumers have alleged these on-line companies have been guilty of:

  • Illegal billing
  • Failure to notify when credit card is being charged.
  • Saying notification of credit card charge must have been filtered out by a spam filter.
  • Illegally transferring credit card information to another company.

If these allegations are true, the on-line company could be found liable in a class action lawsuit brought against them by their customers.

If you are, or have been, a customer of an unethical on-line company, and you feel you have been a victim of these or other illegal activities, and you wish to be a participant in any possible future class action lawsuit, please fill out the Plaintiff Form by clicking below.